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Alex McGreen is a determined and resourceful ten-year-old girl with a zest for learning and a passion for making a positive change in the world. Her vibrant personality, sharp intellect, unwavering determination along with an infectious smile that can light up the darkest room, endears her to both peers and adults alike. She’s a natural leader and a trusted friend. Alex carries herself with a quiet confidence, standing tall with a grace and self-assurance that belie her young age.

Alex and her grandfather embark on an incredible journey together when they design and build a remarkable growing machine in their basement, harnessing the power of hydroponics to cultivate a wide array of nutritious plants. Alex's green thumb skills and knowledge of sustainable farming methods are a testament to her dedication and thirst for knowledge.

When faced with real-world threats such as unhealthy school lunches and the lack of access to fresh produce in her community, Alex rises to the occasion. Armed with the abundance of kale grown in her basement oasis, she fearlessly introduces her fifth-grade science class to the wonders of this leafy green superfood. Through her determination, Alex sparks a healthy food movement that resonates far beyond the walls of her classroom.

Alex's journey teaches us that age is no barrier to creating positive change. With her infectious enthusiasm, unwavering determination, and deep-rooted passion, she becomes an inspiration to her peers and an example of how one person can make a lasting impact on their community.



Alex McGreen

New Release
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Alex McGreen and the Bok Choy Boys

In Alex McGreen’s newest adventure she sets out to share her secret with everyone in her town that veggies can be a treat when enjoyed in cookies, chips, and smoothies and heads off for the Sunnyview farmers market. However, selling her kale treats isn't as easy as she thought it would be. Feeling discouraged, she wants to give up. Then, she meets two brothers, Bo and Kang, who help her realize all she needs are a few helpful hints and patience to keep going forward. In the end, Alex learns sharing her love of fresh vegetables is worth the work and the wait!

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Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale

In our first book, Tale of the Mysterious Kale, Alex saves her fifth-grade science class with kale. It mixes fiction with real-world threats and shows that anyone at any age can cause a healthy food movement.


This easy reader is all about food, innovation and community.

Vegetables and Herbs

Rayna Andrews is a public health ambassador, author, and activist with her core work in food security. Rayna is the Founder of the Healthy Food Movement, a wellness company focused on food security and food literacy in underserved communities. Her current body of work is focused on the intersections of food as a medical intervention, sustainable agriculture and health policy.

Rayna has consulted and participated in a variety of social determinants of health (SDoH) projects across the United States, including the Caribbean. She enjoys sharing her experiences with children and adults alike. You can view her TEDx on "Food Insecurity is a Public Health Concern" on YouTube.



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