Rayna Andrews 

Rayna Andrews is a dynamic humanitarian with her life’s work rooted in service. As a Public Health Ambassador, Rayna challenges the status quo of how communities facing hunger are served, while advocating for partnership and a shift from feeding the hungry to addressing the root causes of hunger.

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Our mission is to inspire and provide a framework for communities to support students in building a connection between personal health and the origins of their food while instilling a strong sense of community and an understanding of sustainability.

NOW AVAILABLE: Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale!


Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale is an explosive tale of how a ten-year-old girl saves her fifth grade science class with kale. It mixes fiction with real world threats and shows that anyone at any age can cause a healthy food movement. This easy reader is all about food, innovation and community.

Rayna Andrews Featured on CBS 58 Milwaukee

"Milwaukee health activist tackles food insecurity concerns through new children's book"

Local activist working to end hunger in Milwaukee

Rayna Andrews speaking with local news TMJ4 just before Thanksgiving to speak on the realities and truths of food insecurities: ""One in four households where children are present, won't know if they'll have a meal on Thanksgiving," said Rayna Andrews. "Turkey, and all the fixings aren't the norm for everyone."

Food Insecurity is a Public Health Concern

Rayna Andrews delivers a dynamic TEDx talk which explores the landscape and impact of food insecurity in the United States and overlays it on the current health outcomes in Milwaukee County.

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