Healthy Food Movement Q&A with Founder, Rayna Andrews


Q: Who are you?


A: I am Rayna Andrews, mom-preneur, Chief Hunger Fighter of the Healthy Food Movement and author of the “Book Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale.” 



Q: What is the Healthy Food Movement?


A: The Healthy Food Movement is a wellness initiative focused on food security and food literacy in underserved communities. 


Q: Why did you create the Healthy Food Movement?


A: As a former food banking executive, I saw the important impact we were making by getting food to people who truly needed it. I also saw the amount of food waste that resulted from people not knowing how to use the food they were given and would discard it. I started my company to bridge the gap. The food literacy gap! 


Have you or anyone you’ve known, maybe a teenager, ever looked in the pantry and saw shelves of ingredients, but then say there’s no food in the house? That’s because they are food illiterate. There’s a lack of knowing how to make food with whole ingredients. 


This is the case for more than 50 million Americans.


Q. Do you have a personal connection to food security or food literacy?


A: As a woman of color, I noticed that the people who look like me are the most severely impacted by hunger, poor food access, diet-related illness and other problems with the food system.


It is my personal experience of being a mother, the granddaughter of a dietician and having personally experienced food insecurity as a child and an adult that pushes me to disrupt this cycle of health disparities that exist at the intersection of food insecurity and food illiteracy. 


Q: What does the Healthy Food Movement actually do?


A: The Healthy Food Movement fills the meal gap by:

  • Providing medically tailored meals directly to those with emergency needs.

  • We teach food literacy education intergenerationally

  • We facilitate equity training for emergency food practitioners in space to consider how racial inequality at the structural level connects with social justice issues, like ending hunger and poverty.


I talk about this in greater detail and other portions of my food journey in the TEDx I did at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee called “Food Insecurity is a Public Health Concern.” You should check it out on my website!


Q: What do you envision for the movement long-term?


A: Simply put, I envision a movement that unites people using food as a tool to build lasting community connections and knowledge; where food not only builds health, but also builds bridges between people for generations to come.


That’s why I created the Healthy Food Movement. Check us out! Join the movement!