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In Alex McGreen’s newest adventure she sets out to share her secret with everyone in her town that veggies can be a treat when enjoyed in cookies, chips, and smoothies and heads off for the Sunnyview farmers market. However, selling her kale treats isn't as easy as she thought it would be. Feeling discouraged, she wants to give up. Then, she meets two brothers, Bo and Kang, who help her realize all she needs are a few helpful hints and patience to keep going forward. In the end, Alex learns sharing her love of fresh vegetables is worth the work and the wait!

Alex McGreen and the Bok Choy Boys


    No refunds or returns.

    We hope that you enjoy reading about Alex McGreen as much as we enjoyed writing about her adventures.


    This new book will be available for pick-up at the book signing in Milwaukee on August 26, 2023. More details will be shared on exact signing location soon. Books will be shipped to others after August 28, 2023. 

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